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What we do

We move development forward

What we do

planning applications

We advise on and conduct the preparation, submission and progression of planning applications. We set the right strategy from the beginning, recommend and co-ordinate expert, multi-disciplinary teams of external consultants and ensure your proposal meets the relevant planning policies. We give your proposal the best chance of being approved by the council first time round.

strategic representations

Every ten to fifteen years, councils must revise their planning policies to make sure enough land is available to provide houses and places of work. We can advise on, submit and pursue an ‘allocation’ of your land in the new policies to ease the way for future planning applications.

development appraisals

Before submitting a planning application and incurring the cost and potential stresses of doing so, we can first advise you on the likelihood of getting planning permission. We’ll listen to your ambitions, give you an honest opinion on the prospects of obtaining permission and help you refine your proposal so that it meets the council’s planning policies.


Sometimes planning applications are refused. We’ll evaluate the merits of your case and help you decide whether to appeal and/or submit a revised planning application to overcome the council’s objections. We’ll then manage the process throughout. We have an unblemished success rate on appeals.


Sometimes councils take enforcement action against developments carried out without planning permission or in breach of conditions. Enforcement action can be both complex and highly emotive. We are very experienced in this area of practice and can advise you if the council is likely to succeed in taking action and can negotiate and defend against it for you.

noise abatement (specialisM)

We have developed a specialism in responding to and securing planning permission (including retrospectively) where noise is a major concern for council planners and Environmental Health Officers. If your planning proposal has been refused due to alleged noise concerns, please do get in touch for this specialist advice.