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Change of use, Retail to cafe

Class C, Prior Notification


Class C Prior Notification for Cafe use

Project Description: Prior notification for change of use, A1 Retail to A3 Cafe.

Project Status: Approved

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change of use of former bargain booze shop to cafe, warrington

One of our key attributes is a very detailed knowledge of the automatic permissions already granted to landowners under the Permitted Development Order. This piece of government legislation sets out a range of ‘deemed permissions’ for certain types of development, which are updated almost annually. These can be used either to achieve your objective outright, or to further your aspiration by providing an alternative option which can either be implemented in its own right or used to help persuade the Council to approve permission (this is known as a ‘fall-back position’).

Following refusal of planning permission to change the premises to a hot food takeaway, the developer chose to pursue an alternative scheme rather than appeal the decision. I prepared and served a prior notification notice on the Council for the change of use of the premises to a cafe, which was approved within the 56 days period allowed in the legislation. This avoided a further protracted exchange with the council and enabled the premises to be brought into use much sooner than would have otherwise been the case. There is a brief news article about this application here.

To find out more about this project or ask if your proposal is eligible to use Prior Notification, please get in touch.