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New green belt dwelling, south ribble

Equestrian site redevelopment

Equestrian site redevelopment

Project description: Redevelopment of equestrian buildings

Project Status: Approved (under construction)

Existing stables

Approved elevations (c)Steve Plummer

Leyland, South ribble

I have been involved in this project from the beginning having been referred on to this client by Sally Wood at Maria B Evans estate agents. Being sharp as a tac, Sally immediately knew there was something I could do for this lovely couple who had a dream of building their own timber framed eco-home for their retirement.

With all the mod cons but a traditional external design, echoing their love of horses, the idea was conceived to seek permission for a building which looked like a converted traditional stable. I took the project though the pre-application advice process with South Ribble Council. At first we received a negative response because they didn’t think it was appropriate development in the green belt; but after some further representations and references to the relevant planning precedents, the Council later accepted that the idea complied with all of the Council’s policies despite being in the green belt.

Since then, I’ve worked collaboratively with the client, their appointed architect, council planning officers and instructed a project team of external consultants to prepare and progress the application through the planning process. Having overcome some ecological concerns about bats and himalayan balsam, planning permission was granted conditionally in summer 2018. Following the discharge of conditions, the project is due to commence in spring 2019.

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Aerial photo of site