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Housing applications

Small and medium scale housing applications


Housing applications

We lead and co-ordinate multi-disciplinary teams of expert consultants to prepare and submit a range of housing applications, with an emphasis on small and medium scale development proposals of up to fifty dwellings. Below are some example schemes we’re currently advising on:



Croston, lancashire

Project description: Residential re-development of equestrian land for between 9 and 12 dwellings

We are instructed to advise on development potential of a 0.78ha (1.92acres) site in Croston, Lancashire. Our role is to prepare and progress development plan representations to Chorley Council and Lancashire County Council for residential redevelopment of land for between 9 and 12 detached and semi-detached family houses, together with considering potential planning application submissions.

Our role has included briefing, commissioning and reviewing technical evidence from highways and flood risk experts, ecologists, topographical surveyors and arborists, in addition to instructing an architect on the preparation of feasibility site layouts.

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Much hoole, lancashire

Project description: Residential development of land for up to 30 dwellings

We are appointed to advise on the development potential of a 0.92ha (2.24acres) site in Much Hoole, Lancashire which forms part of an area allocated by the Council for development between now and 2026. We are also monitoring the emerging Local Plan Review process and submitting representations on how emerging policies might affect the current allocation.

Our role includes advising on the application of relevant planning policies, highways access, ecology, infrastructure and likely requirements of Section 106 agreements needed for the Council to agree the scheme. It has also included briefing, commissioning and reviewing work produced by an architect on the preparation of feasibility site layouts.


Miles Platting, Manchester

Project description: Redevelopment of former pub site for 10 one and two bedroom apartments

We have advised a property developer client on the redevelopment of a 0.10ha (0.25acres) former pub site in central Manchester. The property had been subject to an untidy land notice (known as a Section 215 notice) and was attracting anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping. We advised on the site redevelopment and commissioned the preparation of feasibility studies to establish what types of development would be appropriate for the area prior to the submission of a planning application. Planning permission was approved for redevelopment for housing and options are now under review as the Council’s regeneration framework for the area progresses.

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